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                  Deye in Smart Energy Week Japan: Empower Tomorrow's Energy Landscape

                  In an era where the urgency of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 looms large, renewable energies have emerged as pivotal players in shaping a sustainable future. Amidst this backdrop, Deye took the stage at the prestigious Smart Energy Week held in Tokyo, Japan from February 28th to March 1st, 2024. This exhibition served as a pivotal platform, uniting innovators, technologies, and insights aimed at accelerating the global transition towards renewable energy solutions.

                  Deye, a trailblazer in the energy sector, showcased its cutting-edge products tailored to meet the evolving demands of a sustainable world.

                  1. High Voltage All-In-One Hybrid ESS GE-F60

                  The GE-F60 All-In-One Hybrid ESS embodies Deye's commitment to innovation and resilience. Equipped with a built-in intelligent temperature-controlled air conditioner, the GE-F60 system ensures optimal performance even in challenging environmental conditions. With support for battery expansion and a maximum capacity of 360 kWh, the system offers unparalleled scalability to meet the growing energy demands of industries worldwide. Its integrated Energy 

                  Management System (EMS) and Battery Management System (BMS) ensure seamless operation and reliability, with support for both AC and DC power supply redundancy. Moreover, the system's adoption of LFP battery technology and aerosol fire extinguishing solutions underscores its commitment to safety and sustainability.

                  2. BOS-G Battery

                  The BOS-G battery module is a testament to Deye's commitment to innovation and sustainability. Featuring a convenient and quick installation process, the BOS-G module boasts a standard 19-inch embedded design, making it comfortable for installation and maintenance. The module's cathode material, made from LiFePO4, ensures safety and reliability, with long cycle life and minimal self-discharge. Its intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) provides comprehensive protection functions, including over-discharge, over-charge, and temperature management. Moreover, the BOS-G module is eco-friendly, aligning perfectly with Deye's ethos of environmental responsibility. With flexible configuration options and a wide temperature range, the BOS-G module stands as a versatile solution for diverse energy storage needs.

                  3. 12kW Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter

                  Deye 12kW three-phase hybrid inverter represents a paradigm shift in renewable energy integration. Designed to retrofit existing photovoltaic systems, this inverter enables seamless integration of both DC and AC power sources, maximizing energy efficiency. With support for up to 10 units in parallel and the ability to connect multiple batteries, the inverter offers unmatched scalability and adaptability. Its transformer-isolated design ensures safety and reliability, while the inclusion of six battery charge/discharge time zones allows for precise energy management. Furthermore, the inverter's capability to get access to diesel generators underscores its versatility in addressing the dynamic energy needs of modern industries.

                  In addition to our participation in Smart Energy Week, Deye is excited to announce the establishment of a subsidiary in Japan. This strategic move signifies our commitment to the Japanese market and reflects our dedication to furthering our presence in the region. By establishing a local presence, we aim to strengthen relationships with our Japanese partners, enhance customer support, and foster collaboration with industry stakeholders. Through this initiative, Deye seeks to deepen our engagement with the Japanese market, driving mutual growth and prosperity.

                  As Deye forges ahead, we reaffirm our dedication to driving positive change with sustainable solutions. Together, let us embark on this journey towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.


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